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Saturday, 14 July 2012



Unlike me, who has a great aversion to Christmas and all things Christmassy, I have not only made a Natitivy scene but completed this lovely Santa Claus:

He didnt take nearly as long as the Nativity figures and he does look really jolly.

I am always better thinking of Christmas at this time of the year than in December. I don't know why but I often buy things and put them away so I dont have to do the obligatory "Christmas Shopping".
This Santa will be put away for my great grand daughter. I just hope I remember where he is when December comes!!!

Oops, looking at the photo now I realise I haven't made the  buckle for his belt!!!! Will do that tomorrow...............

Today has been a lovely sunny day for a change. I am totally fed up with the rain we have had in this country for the past few months. A bit of a waste of time writing about it because every one who lives here feels exactly the same.

The poor people in parts of the USA are having extreme heat waves and sometimes I suppose that can be as bad. I would just like about one month of sun and just a little bit of warmth. My hands get blue when on the beach with the dog and I just can't get my head around the fact that it is July!!

I spent this afternoon making another lovely felt heart. This time it is in white felt and is completely covered in white buttons. I have also added just a few little pink "pearls" and some pink ribbon. I am very pleased with it and will take some pictured tomorrow. I am still loving working with felt and have so many ideas I want to try. Well, to be honest, they are not all my ideas because as I've mentioned before I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest!!

I am wondering what will happen to our regular Tuesday market at the end of August. The hall that its held in is being pulled down and re built and as of now we haven't found another venue. It is a shame as not only is it my only regular outlet for my work but I do enjoy meeting up with all the other stall holders every week. Something will turn up no doubt.

My great grandaughter is growing up fast. She will be two at the end of this month and is so grown up and advanced for her age. She even says "thank you" instead of "ta" now!! We share a birthday which I think is marvelous. She's 2 and I'm 75!!!!!
She is starting school in September as here in Wales they have a programme whereby two year old's go to school for as many as five mornings or afternoons a week. It is not compulsory and the parents can choose how often they go. I think she is going for three days a week at first. I cant believe that they do this!!! My daughter started school when she was about 4 1/2 and I thought that was young. Chelsey has been going to three play groups a week since she was about 3 months old with her mother and I think that is why she is so advanced. She can count to twelve, knows her colours and the sounds animals make ( even a frog goes..."rivet rivet"). Next thing will be me taking my laptop round to her and asking her how to do all the things I don't understand !!!

Well , not having been on here much for the past few months, I am really catching up now alright !!!
Note to self....11.30pm...time for bed!!!


  1. Lovely blog... x
    Children grow up so fast these days - I work in a school and it's scarey how much they seem to know (or think they know) compared to me when I was their age.
    Which hall is being flattened & re-built? Not the Regancy Hall next to the club? Hope it doesn't interfere with selling too much - will you have an alternative venue?
    Santa is fab, your great grand-daughter will be thrilled.....
    Jo. x

  2. He is a jolly Santa for sure!
    How fun that you share a birthday with your granddaughter!
    Happy Birthday to you both:)