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Hello thank you for visiting me. I hope you enjoy reading my news and looking at my crochet and knitting. You can also find me on facebook...https://www.facebook.com/stitchesfromwales2

Saturday, 14 July 2012



Unlike me, who has a great aversion to Christmas and all things Christmassy, I have not only made a Natitivy scene but completed this lovely Santa Claus:

He didnt take nearly as long as the Nativity figures and he does look really jolly.

I am always better thinking of Christmas at this time of the year than in December. I don't know why but I often buy things and put them away so I dont have to do the obligatory "Christmas Shopping".
This Santa will be put away for my great grand daughter. I just hope I remember where he is when December comes!!!

Oops, looking at the photo now I realise I haven't made the  buckle for his belt!!!! Will do that tomorrow...............

Today has been a lovely sunny day for a change. I am totally fed up with the rain we have had in this country for the past few months. A bit of a waste of time writing about it because every one who lives here feels exactly the same.

The poor people in parts of the USA are having extreme heat waves and sometimes I suppose that can be as bad. I would just like about one month of sun and just a little bit of warmth. My hands get blue when on the beach with the dog and I just can't get my head around the fact that it is July!!

I spent this afternoon making another lovely felt heart. This time it is in white felt and is completely covered in white buttons. I have also added just a few little pink "pearls" and some pink ribbon. I am very pleased with it and will take some pictured tomorrow. I am still loving working with felt and have so many ideas I want to try. Well, to be honest, they are not all my ideas because as I've mentioned before I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest!!

I am wondering what will happen to our regular Tuesday market at the end of August. The hall that its held in is being pulled down and re built and as of now we haven't found another venue. It is a shame as not only is it my only regular outlet for my work but I do enjoy meeting up with all the other stall holders every week. Something will turn up no doubt.

My great grandaughter is growing up fast. She will be two at the end of this month and is so grown up and advanced for her age. She even says "thank you" instead of "ta" now!! We share a birthday which I think is marvelous. She's 2 and I'm 75!!!!!
She is starting school in September as here in Wales they have a programme whereby two year old's go to school for as many as five mornings or afternoons a week. It is not compulsory and the parents can choose how often they go. I think she is going for three days a week at first. I cant believe that they do this!!! My daughter started school when she was about 4 1/2 and I thought that was young. Chelsey has been going to three play groups a week since she was about 3 months old with her mother and I think that is why she is so advanced. She can count to twelve, knows her colours and the sounds animals make ( even a frog goes..."rivet rivet"). Next thing will be me taking my laptop round to her and asking her how to do all the things I don't understand !!!

Well , not having been on here much for the past few months, I am really catching up now alright !!!
Note to self....11.30pm...time for bed!!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

forgot to add these ...


Its been so long since I've posted on here ( apart from just a little while ago!) that I have completely forgotten to put up pictures of my new addiction: felt.... Here are a few of them:

                                                         Sleepy Owl, for sale at £5.99 plus P+P

                                             Pretty wide awake owl!! For sale at £5.99 plus P+P

                                                  Dont they make a lovely pair???


And this very prettypink heart covered completely in little ribbon rosebuds and different coloured pearl beads. This is sold.

I hop you like my first attempts with felt. I scour Pinterest every day for different ideas and I will NEVER ever have the time to make all that I find there!!!

Finished at last



Yes its finished at last. The Nativity scene  I've been working on for weeks now. I have enjoyed every minute of it although at times I found it very frustrating. It was the sewing up of all the little bits and pieces that really got to me,

As you may know this pattern was from the Jean Greenhowe book called Christmas Special. You can buy it here

Each standing figure is approx 8" tall and has an average of ten pieces all to be sewn up!!! This is what really took the time, the sewing up.

I think it has a very good home to go to already with three little children who will take care of it forever.

I am now working on the Father Christmas in the same book for my great grand daughter.

Very unusual for me to be thinking of Christmas in July, I dont usually think of Christmas until December 25th!!!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

getting in early !!!


A very good customer of mine suggested I might want to make a nativity scene as a one off heirloom piece. She asked me last year if I made them and I said no but this year I thought  "why not?"
So I bought Jean Greeenhowe's book of Christmas goodies and started.....

Well that was last week and I have been knitting like a dervish ever since - really enjoying making all the little pieces. I was pleased to see that the standing figures are appox 8" tall so non of that amigurumi stuff here then!!
Anyway today I decided that instead of knitting it was about time I put one of the figures together. Well talk about fiddly!!! It has taken me all morning to do this and there was no knitting involved as I had made every piece for this wise man. I was really surprised that it took that long but I suppose I should have known better.
 Here is a picture of the wise man, bearing his gift and also one of him with a sheep:-

 I have two more sheep to make along with four more standing figures, Mary sitting and also the manger complete with baby!!!! Wonder if I'll be finished for Christmas??????

This is what I came up with for my first attempt:

I am quite pleased with it and as it is in my favourite colour combination, I like it even more!!!
What do you think for a first attempt??  Also have any of you got some more ideas I could try and achieve please?? I really do need to get stuck into using up some of this felt because my addiction is rife again!!!!
I've even been thinking of buying one of those cutting machines, so I can save myself time cutting up lovely little bits but that would be a real extravagance at the moment wouldn't it?

Oh I forgot, while waiting for the delivery of the 21 different half meters of felt, I used some of my old stuff that had been lying about for years and made these OTT, VERY large corsages:
Huge aren't they?? The green one is about 7" across and the other one is about 5 1/2" !!! I saw a lady wearing one very similar last week . She had got it from a charity shop in London and only paid £1 for it!! It looked really special and I thought "I could do that!!"

Now I've caught up here with my recent activities I need to add that I have also been spending HOURS on Pinterest!!!! It is sooooooo addictive and I just love looking at all the lovely photos but most of all it has given me so many ideas for craft work. There is some beautiful and extremely clever work out there, it truly is a feast for the eyes. Why don't you take a look if you have a few spare hours!!!? But be warned it could damage your crafting time!!!

Monday, 4 June 2012

long time no see...

 I dislike this new blog layout so much I am avoiding it as much as I can...which is not a good idea really seeing as I am trying hard to sell some of my hand made wares!!

I will attempt to put some new photos up today of  stuff I have been working on of late.

As a matter of fact I am getting quite despondent of late as my sales are REALLY slow...I don't think its for the want of trying on my part, but not really sure. I suppose it is a sign of the times............

here we go then, some for sale some for me....

 This pretty button decorated picture frame was requested for a customer to go with one almost the same but smaller. She loved it and sent me a photo of it in her house with a photo of her children in it!

button brooches all in a row!!! some now sold.They are approx they are approx 30mm across and have brooch safety clips on the back. They come boxed ready for gifting!!
£3.50 each plus P+P

 I found it very hard to photograph this little mirror!!! It has a hook on the back to hang it up and is decorated with little buttons . It is for sale for £5.50 plus P+P.

I've made lots more of these little crochet covered jars, as they will be very handy not only for pens and pencils but for car keys, business card collections,spare change etc etc.


I really like this "menage" of orange buttons all piled up and then stuck on to a fine calico backing with wadding underneath. This frame is to stand only and measures approx 12" x14"
It is £16.99 plus P+P if you know anyone who would love it as a gift...

There are a few more little lovelies but I will save those for another time.

Hope you are all enjoying the Royal Bank Holiday even if the weather is not being very kind!!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

latest project


still cant get the hang of this new blog layout..... do not like it at all!!

Anywho, this is what I've been creating this past week. I have got a little bit tired of just knitting and crochet so decided to go back to some of my old crafts for a change.
First, I made these pretty pin cushion topped mason jars with sewing bits and bobs inside:

I am selling these little beauties for £5.99 plus P+P . They would make lovely gifts too.

 I must admit that these weren't my own idea, I found some on Pinterest and copied them !!
Pinterest is my very latest addiction,. I just love looking at all the photos that other people enjoy and some of them, beaches, pretty gardens etc etc I find very calming . Of course I am very drawn to the crafty things too!

This afternoon I decided to make this:

It is a wicker wreath form, approx 12" in diameter which I wrapped and decorated with tea and coffee dyed cotton lace. Then I added little lacy ovals with red roses in the centre. To top it off I have put a large undyed lace bow at the top and a hanging lace and red ribbon knot at the bottom. There is a hook on the back for hanging.
I am selling this for £10.00 plus P+P.

To purchase any of these please go to my facebook page and let me know which one you want. I take payment by Paypal.

There are so many different ideas going through my head at the moment!! I am still making and taking orders for these monkeys which sell at £20 each plus P+P.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at all my stuff today. I WILL get used to this new blogging formula one of these days!!!